2MVA Refurbishment

An extremely shiny 2MVA refurbishment

This is currently ready for it’s final inspection before it leaves tomorrow heading off to our customer.

This 2MVA 6600/433 has had a full refurbishment:

  • Megger tested and oil tested
  • Stripped down and shot blasted to bare steel
  • Painted
  • New gaskets, nuts, bolts, nut caps, gland plates and breather fitted
  • Internal inspections and rebuilt
  • Megger, pressure and ratio tested
  • Pressurised with 2psi of nitrogen

Photos below show the transformer in various states during this process and the extent to which we strip the tranformers down, no painted nuts, bolts or gaskets here!

We pride ourselves on our refurbishments being the best in the business and we’re always extremely proud of the finished product when they leave the building, just look at that Beckett Finish!