Reconditioned transformers kinder to the environment

How Reconditioned Transformers And Switch Gear Can Reduce Costs By 40% And Be Kinder To The Environment

Transformers and switch gear are substantial capital investments for businesses across the globe. Sourcing newly manufactured units can be timely and costly as businesses try to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. CK Beckett have been developing refurbished transformers and switch gear for resale and now have the largest stock of refurbished units in the UK. These units have profound benefits to the end user.

By sourcing refubished equipment, businesses can save in excess of 40% of the price when compared to buying a new unit. These reductions will come as a welcome relief to businesses that are keen to achieve greater profitability in times of economic difficulties. Refurbished units also offer environmental benefits such as carbon emission reduction and the promotion of recycling.

When explaining the process customers go through when sourcing refurbished equipment, Nicholas Foakes, General Manager for CK Beckett explains, “Buyers will come to us and explain their requirements. We will then check our stock levels which are generally over 100 items to find a suitable unit. If we do not have the right unit we will look to source this from our large supply base. Once we have agreed the best option we will modify a unit where required, use our shot blaster, carry out visual inspections and flash testing, change the oil and conduct mega testing before it is ready for dispatch. As part of the refurbishment we will also change cable boxes, use new gaskets, ensure that nuts and bolts are rust-free. All of these stages can be done with a turnaround time of 1 week which is considerably quicker than the 6 to 8 week leadtime of sourcing a brand new unit”.

A CK Beckett client recently commented that , “We first engaged CK Beckett to provide us with transformers. After carrying out an inspection of their facilities, we engaged them to carry out refurbishment and painting. It was the attention to detail and final presentation that attracted us”.

Nicholas Foakes, General Manager highlights “We are seeing many clients looking for refurbished equipment across the UK and Europe as they are realising the benefits to their profitability and the environment. We are committed to providing the highest quality refurbished transformers and switch gear and will maintain our exceptional attention to detail. As this trend is set to continue over the next 10 years, procurement teams and energy managers need to seriously consider the benefits of replacing new with refurbished.

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