Transformer Refurbishment Process

Transformer Refurbishment Process

All our refurbished transformers go through an extensive process to make sure they are to a extremely high standard, our quality is unmatched.

Below is the process which each transformer goes through at our purpose built warehouse.

  • Megger tested and oil tested
  • Stripped down and shot blasted to bare steel
  • Painted
  • New gaskets, nuts, bolts, nut caps, gland plates and breather fitted
  • Internal inspections and rebuilt
  • Megger, pressure and ratio tested
  • Pressurised with 2psi of nitrogen
  • Put onto stock for sale or rental

The below images show the high quality finish on our products.

What makes our refurbished transformers an attractive option against buying new?

  • Up to 40% saving on buying new
  • In Stock with very short lead times
  • Environmentally friendly

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