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CK Beckett founded in 1984 by 2 brothers and a lot of commitment started off in the general waste management trade. Several years later gained a highly regarded reputation for the outstanding level of customer service and punctuation. From this they moved into the power distribution equipment – Removal & disposal focusing on distribution and power transformers. This is a very bespoke market, not many people in the UK can do what we do. Removing transformers safely from 2ton up to 700ton units. Over the course of the last 20+ years we have expanded the recycling centre by over 15 staff, 5 Wagons and additional land.
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Electrical dismantlers


Refurbished Transformers



01 Transformer and Substation Dismantling

No matter how big or small the transformer is, we will never shy away from the job. We have dismantled from small pole mounted transformers that weigh 100KG right up to grid transformers and associated equipment weighing in excess of 500,000 KG...

02 Transformers and Switchgear

With over 200 transformers in stock at any time we are one of the largest used transformer stockists in the UK. We have recently expanded our works, and purchased over 16,000 square foot of fresh new warehouse space...

03 Transformer Oil Processing

Recycling over 1.2 million litres of transformer oil per year with the use of our PPC permit...

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